Website Redesign

Diksha Web offers website redesign services for all types of websites. Our creative squad of web developers and web designers will bring the acquaintance of user behavior and professional expectations into every website redesign to engage with the right audience.

When we redesign your website, our primary goal is to improve your bottom line. Your new site will get you more traffic, drive more leads, and ultimately increase your revenue.

  • Are you getting sufficient exposure on the Internet? For growing on the Internet, your company requires good exposure from other websites, search engines, and directories. The exposure could be improved by using search engine friendly design, adding more content in the areas of interest, providing interactive content, and promoting to related websites, and directories.
  • Are your products and services up-to-date? Normally, every company will have a continual development of products and services. If you are not offering the up-to-date products and services, you may be losing potential customers.
  • Are you offering the best content? Now a days, visitors are looking for expert advice, and in-depth content on a Company's website related to their services and product areas. You need to have provision to update the content regularly, and efficiently.
  • Are you providing good website navigation to visitors? A good redesign help put in place a good navigation. Usually, first generation site outgrows its size and visitors find it difficult to navigate the site. The new design ensures that the visitor will not be more than a couple of clicks from what he wants.
  • Is your website using latest design techniques? For example, earlier websites were designed without using any CSS. These sites depended on tables extensively. With the advent of new technologies, redesign of old generation websites became almost essential.

Landing Page Redesign & Optimization in Moradabad

Stop being making your audience feel monotonous with the same old landing page! Want to make them feel special? We know the answer – Redesign your landing page and optimize it to boost up the performance of your site.

Redesigning Conventional Website in Moradabad

Do you think your target audience is unable to browse your website on different devices? It is time for you to give a thought on redesigning your website to make it mobile responsive and broadens your global reach…

eCommerce Website Redesign in Moradabad

Getting frustrated with low ROI and sales for your eCommerce website? With the eCommerce website redesign, we help our clients to get their online store revamped, including custom theme, template, mobile responsive and a lot more.

Redesign Your Website Theme/Template

Be it a B2B website, B2C website or a business portal, people like to see changes over time and redesigning a theme or template is the only option you can opt for. Know more about our custom website Re-Designing.